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Board Meeting Calendar – How to Create One

Work planning is an important part of a company’s workflow. Without thoughtful planning, it is impossible to organize a sufficiently effective work process at all levels of the company. This statement is also true for the organization of the work of the board of directors, whose effective work requires a schedule of meetings. Please see our article on how to properly create a board meeting calendar and integrate it into the general work schedule of the company.

Why does the board of directors need a meeting schedule?

Planning the work of the company is necessary in order to create an optimal working process, operational tracking of performance at all levels. In addition, work plans make it possible to divide work tasks into more important and less important ones, correctly allocate time and resources for their fulfillment. Since the board of directors is an integral part of the company, its work also needs to be planned in advance, and such planning should not run counter to the company’s overall work plans.

By knowing the schedule for meetings in advance, board members can better prepare for them. The organizers of meetings will also benefit from this knowledge, as they can better allocate resources and time for preparing the meeting.

How to prepare a board meeting schedule: some simple tips

When making a board meeting schedule there are many nuances to be considered. There are a few tips to make the process a little easier:

  1. Divide meetings by type. There are several types of board meetings – annual and quarterly board meetings, general meetings, special meetings, and so forth. almost each of these types of meetings is held at certain times of the year. this can be used to make an annual work plan for the company and put anticipated meetings into the annual schedule.
  2. Take into account the company’s work schedule and workload. Sometimes meetings cannot be held on a scheduled day for one reason or another. In that case, make changes and notify all meeting attendees promptly.
  3. Make board planning part of the overall planning process. It is important to make anticipated meeting dates part of the company’s overall schedule. In this way, you can notify everyone in the company of upcoming work plans to make the preparation process more thoughtful and efficient. Meeting preparation often requires up-to-date information from different parts of the company, so employees should navigate the work plans to provide the necessary data on time.
  4. Maintain communication between the different structural parts of the company. To make preparations for board meetings less painful, maintain the necessary level of communication to get the necessary transaction without delay. To schedule board meetings, also consider the vacation schedule of board members to ensure the necessary quorum.

Today’s companies can use a variety of working tools to schedule company and board meetings. For example, virtual portal tools provide an opportunity to facilitate this process and make it more efficient for the entire company.